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VICAR Image File

Hệ thống hình ảnh Raster được phát triển bởi NASA's Jet Propution Lab;lưu lại một hình ảnh được chụp trên tàu vũ trụ NASA's nhiệm vụ;cung cấp thông tin miêu tả cấu trúc và kiểu dữ liệu cùng với lịch sử xử lý đã được thực hiện với ảnh.


The VICAR file is made up of two major parts, which are the "labels" and the "image area."  The "labels" part contains information that describes what the file is and is located at the beginning and ending of the file. The image area is sandwiched in between the "labels" part and stores the actual image.
VICAR stands for Video Image Communication and Retrieval, which is an image processing software system used to process multidimensional imaging data.  The software was first developed in 1966 primarily to process and transport images from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's unmanned planetary spacecraft.  Nowadays, the software is used by other various applications such as biomedical image processing and geological exploration.  The VICAR Core is now available as Open Source from GitHub.

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