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Ogg Video File

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An OGV file is a video file saved in the Xiph.Org open source Ogg container format. It contains video streams that may use one or more different codecs, such as Theora, Dirac, or Daala. OGV files can be played using a variety of media players.


OGV file open in VideoLAN VLC media player 3 OGV files are often used for playing webpage video content using the HTML5 <video> tag. However, they are generally referenced in the HTML source code using the ".ogg" extension, even though the files contain video content. Xiph.Org, the developers of the OGV format, provide a DirectShow codec pack that enables software developers to include support for OGV files in both open-source and commercial applications. NOTE: Audio files that use the Ogg container are called Ogg Vorbis files, where "Vorbis" refers to the specific compression algorithm used for the audio data. The term "Vorbis" does not apply to Ogg video content.

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