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Sun TAAC Graphic File

Sun Microsystems standard raster image file format; used on Sun workstations and supported by the TAAC-1 Application Accelerator; exported by the Xilch program in Sun's XIL Test Suite.

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Wii Virtual Fat Filesystem File

A VFF file contains Nintendo Wii content that is delivered to a Nintendo Wii gaming console through WiiConnect24, which is a feature of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection online gaming service for Wii consoles.  It may contain various types of Wii-related content but is typically used to store Wii Mail data and information about Wii channels, such as the Forecast, News, Everybody Votes, Nintendo, and Check Mii Out (U.S. version) / Mii Contest (European version) channels.


Most Wii users do not encounter VFF files because the files store data downloaded from Nintendo servers to the Wii console and are not meant to be directly opened by users.  The WiiConnect24 feature was introduced with the release of the original Wii in 2006, then discontinued in 2013, with the release of Wii U.
After the discontinuation of WiiConnect24, the channels included with the service, such as Forecast and News were no longer available and VFF files were not as commonly used.  However, several Wii gamers developed RiiConnect24 to re-use many of the discontinued services on the Wii.

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