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2 files use the extension of MCW


MacWrite II Document

Classification:text file
Document created by MacWrite II, an older word processing program for Macintosh computers; stores text and basic page formatting information; can be opened by MacWrite II, ClarisWorks, and AppleWorks, but each of these products has been discontinued.


NOTE: MacWrite also uses the .MW file extension for documents.

MCW(MacWrite II Document) related software:


3 software

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Monitor Calibration Wizard File

Classification:settings file
Settings file created by Monitor Calibration Wizard, a program used to adjust monitor display settings; stores a monitor adjustment profile, which includes settings for brightness and color.


Monitor Calibration Wizard profiles are often used for fixing tinting or brightness problems with old monitors. They can also be used for saving custom display settings for gaming or graphics editing.

MCW(Monitor Calibration Wizard File) related software:


1 software

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