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2 files use the extension of AVR


Audio Visual Research File

Classification:audio file
Audio file format created by Audio Visual Research for the older Atari ST computer systems; can be 8 or 16-bit and contain 1 or 2 channels; not commonly used anymore.

AVR(Audio Visual Research File) related software:


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EverFocus Recording File

Classification:video file
An AVR file is a video recording captured by an EverFocus DVR, a device used in select security camera systems. It contains surveillance video along with recording information, such as the playback time, date and time of the starting and ending of the recording, and model of the recorder. AVR files can only be played by EF Player.


AVR files can be opened in EF Player by selecting Load and choosing the AVR recording file. You can also export an AVR recording as an .AVI file by selecting Save as AVI.

AVR(EverFocus Recording File) related software:


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