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Photoshop Vanishing Point Export File

File created by the Extended version of Adobe Photoshop, a professional graphics editing application; saves vanishing point planes that have been specified by a designer on a 2D image; can be imported into After Effects, which splices the 2D image into different images represented by the planes.


Vanishing points are used for specifying the 3D geometry of a 2D image, such as placing planes on a picture where you're looking through a tunnel or at a road off into the horizon.  After importing into After Effects, you can add lighting or other effects that make the original 2D image look three-dimensional.
To import a VPE file into After Effects, choose File → Import → Vanishing Point (.vpe)....  To create a VPE file in Photoshop Extended, choose Filter → Vanishing Point..., draw the shape of your planes, and then select "Export for After Effects" from the Vanishing Point window.

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