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Panzoid Video Project

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A PZ file is a project created by Panzoid, an online program used to create video clips, introductions, and backgrounds. It contains a video project, which may include a scene, objects, effects, audio, and animations. PZ files also include project settings, such as the video resolution, length, and frame rate.


PZ file open in Panzoid Clipmaker PZ files are created when you save a project with the in Panzoid and download it to your computer. To create a PZ file, select the folder icon, click "Save project" then choose "Download project file". In order to open a PZ file, you must click the folder icon, choose "Load project", and select the PZ file from your computer. Panzoid provides Clipmaker and Backgrounder for creating video content. Clipmaker is used to make 2D and 3D animations and Backgrounder is used to create custom graphics, YouTube channel art, and thumbnails.

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