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Premiere Pro Project

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A PRPROJ file is a video project created by Adobe Premiere Pro, a video editing application. It contains a timeline that is comprised of video and audio clips and includes transitions, special effects, and other applied edits. PRPROJ files also store project settings such as the settings for transitions, the video renderer, audio and video display format, and the capture format.


PRPROJ file open in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 Premiere Pro projects store references to media assets (video, audio, graphics), they do not store the actual media data in the file itself. The references to these media assets are created when you import the asset into your project. Therefore, if you move the asset after importing it, Premiere Pro will not be able to locate the asset for the project, which will prompt you to relocate the asset. Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing application used to create feature films, broadcasts, and other video presentations. The video editor is part of the Creative Cloud suite.

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