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Adobe Prelude Project File

Classification:video file
A PLPROJ file is a project created by Adobe Prelude, a program used for organizing video footage files during video production. It saves references to all media files that have been imported, or "ingested," into the project. PLPROJ files allow video producers and editors to organize all video assets in one location.


PLPROJ file open in Adobe Prelude CC 2017 PLPROJ files are created by Prelude when a user saves a project. It is the main file type associated with Prelude. You can create a PLPROJ file by selecting File → New Project..., making your edits, then selecting File → Save As.... You can open a PLPROJ file by selecting File → Open Project.... PLPROJ files do not store video data. They only store references to video files and therefore are relatively small in size.

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