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An MLT file is a project created by Meltytech Shotcut, an open source video editor. It contains project settings in XML format, which includes information about media imported in the project, media placed on the timeline, effects applied to the media, and video and audio properties. MLT files do not contain actual video, audio, or images, only references to the media files imported in the project.


MLT file open in Meltytech Shotcut 19 To create a new project in Shotcut, select File → New. After modifying the project, a user can save the information in an MLT file by selecting File → Save or Save As.... After saving a project, a user can close the project then reopen it later for further editing. Users can also export Shotcut projects saved in MLT files to various media formats, including .MP4 and .WMV video, .MP3 and .AAC audio, and .JPG and .PNG images. To export a project to a different format, select File → Export Video... or Export Frame.... NOTE: While an MLT project file should only be opened with Shotcut, it can also be opened with an XML editor to view the settings in XML format. However, the MLT file should not be modified with an XML editor, since editing the contents will most likely cause the file to become corrupt.

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