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Mine-imator Interface Color File

Classification:settings file
An MCOLOR file is a settings file created by Mine-imator, a program used to create Minecraft-themed animated videos. It contains GUI color settings for Mine-imator, which includes text, buttons, boxes, timeline, alerts, and highlight colors. MCOLOR files are only used by Mine-imator.


MCOLOR file open in Mine-imator You will most likely only interact with an MCOLOR file through the "Settings" tab in Mine-imator. To create or open an MCOLOR file, select the "Settings" gear icon and scroll down to "Interface color". Select the folder icon to load an MCOLOR file or select the floppy disk icon to save an MCOLOR file. You can choose the colors for each part of the interface by clicking the buttons in the "Interface color" section of the "Settings" tab. After clicking a button, choose the color and click OK.

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