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Everyone Piano Keyboard Map File

A KMF file contains a keyboard configuration created by Everyone Piano, a piano teaching program.  It stores a map of a keyboard and the functions associated with the keys.  KMF files allow users to create custom keyboard configurations that can be shared with and loaded by other Everyone Piano users.


The keyboard map is used by Everyone Piano to assign a variety of functions to keys on the user's keyboard.  Some of the functions include piano keys and play, record, and stop keys.
To create the KMF file in Everyone Piano, follow these steps:

Configure the keyboard by right-clicking the keys and assigning functions to them.
Click Keyboard → Save....
Choose the save location, name the file, and click Save.

To open the KMF file in Everyone Piano, follow these steps:

Click Keyboard → Load....
Navigate to the location of the KMF file and select it.
Click Open.

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