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iPhone Carrier Bundle

Classification:settings file
Zip archive created to hold all carrier customized settings for iPhones; organizes data such as voice mail numbers and APN settings; contains the Payload folder, which holds the bundle and symbolic link.


If you have downloaded carrier bundle updates through iTunes on your computer, they will be stored in the following directory: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Carrier Support/ On your device, the carrier bundles are stored in the following directory if they're downloaded through iTunes: /var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles/ Also on your device, if your iPhone is iOS 4.2 or later the carrier bundles are located in the following directory: /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/ If you want to reinstall Apple's latest carrier settings update, follow these steps: First, connect your iPhone to iTunes. In the Summary screen in iTunes, hold the Option key and selct the "Check for Update" button. Then when the "Open" dialog appears, go to the ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Carrier Support folder. Look for your IPCC file (see common Filenames below for what your IPCC file looks like) and install it.

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