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Ultiboard Layout Project

An EWPRJ file is a project used by Ultiboard and other Printed Circuit Board (PCBs) programs.  It contains a layout of a PCB design, which includes components such as resistors or capacitors, and their connections.


EWPRJ file open in National Instruments Ultiboard 14.1

EWPRJ files are typically created by Ultiboard when saving a project.  However, EWPRJ files may also be created by various PCB programs when a user exports his PCB design to an EWPRJ file.
PCBs are used in many electronic products such as radios and computer systems.  Ultiboard allows you to design the layout of electrical wires, central processors, and other electronic components on your PCB and integrates with Multisim, an electronic schematic capture and SPICE simulation environment.  The program is used by teachers, students, and professionals in the engineering field.
NOTE: Ultiboard is available for download as part of National Instruments' Circuit Design Suite.

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