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Aseprite Sprite File

An ASEPRITE file contains a sprite created by Aseprite, an animated sprite editor and pixel art tool.  It stores a graphic or animation, which includes layers, frames, palettes, and tags.  ASEPRITE files also contain sprite settings, such as the width, height, color mode, pixel aspect ration, and background.


ASEPRITE file open in Aseprite 1.2

ASEPRITE files may also be saved as .ASE files, which are saved in the same format but with a different extension.  ASEPRITE and ASE files are the most common files associated with Aseprite and can be closed and re-opened for further editing in the program.
You can create an ASEPRITE file in Aseprite by selecting File → New..., then File → Save or Save As..., and choosing the ASEPRITE format.  You can open an ASEPRITE file in Aseprite by selecting File → Open... or Open Recent and choosing the ASEPRITE file.
Aseprite can also be used to export ASEPRITE files to more popular formats, such as .PNG or .GIF files.  With the ASEPRITE file open, select File → Save Copy As.

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