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ArtStudio Image

Classification:raster image file
Image file created by ArtStudio, a drawing program that allows users to paint images using brushing and mixing techniques; contains a raster image and its properties.


ArtStudio can import images from .JPG, .PICT, .PSD, .BMP, .TIF, .TGA, and .WMF files in ArtStudio.

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Sony Digital Camera Image

Classification:camera raw files
Digital photograph captured by a Sony digital camera, and based on the TIFF specification; contains raw, uncompressed image data as captured by the camera's CCD; can be adjusted using image-editing software before exporting to common raster formats such as .JPG or .TIFF.


Different Sony camera models may store RAWs using the same ".arw" file extension, but with a different format. This is because the CCD on one camera model may differ from the CCD on another camera. Therefore, you should check the documentation of your photo editing software before assuming that it supports a specific camera model. NOTE: While Sony Camera A and Sony Camera B may both use the ".arw" extension, they may use a different RAW format.

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