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After Effects XML Project

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An AEPX file is a project file created by Adobe After Effects, a video-editing application. It contains a video composition, which includes references to video assets, motion graphics settings, and visual effects. AEPX files are used for creating professional-quality video productions.


AEPX file open in Adobe After Effects CC 2019 The AEPX file is one of two file types used to save video editing projects in After Effects. The main format is the .AEP file, which is saved in binary format. The other format a project may be saved in is the AEPX file, which is a text-based XML project file. After Effects projects may also be saved as templates. One file type used to store templates is the .AET binary project and the other is .AETX XML project. To create an After Effects project, select File → New → New Project then click File → Save a Copy As XML.... To open an After Effects project, select File → Open Project....

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