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1 files use the extension of 0XE


F-Secure Renamed Virus File

Classification:executable file
Virus file detected by F-Secure, an antivirus program; stores a renamed .EXE file that has a virus which could not be disinfected; renamed from an EXE file to an OXE file so that a virus will not execute when double-clicking it in Windows.


F-Secure renames infected files if they cannot be disinfected. It replaces the first character of the original file extension with a 0-9. For example, if there are two infected EXE files, you may see a ".0xe" file and a ".1xe" file. F-Secure antivirus software is available in Anti-Virus and Internet Security editions. NOTE: Do not open OXE files since they contain malicious executable code. Instead, select the Delete action the next time they are detected during an F-Secure scan.

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